Salt Lake Under Ground (SLUG) Magazine

Special thanks to SLUG Magazine for the review of our fudge! We were really excited to get to work with them! They wrote an amazing review for us and got us published!

Click here to read their article (don’t worry it’s an easy read!)


Thanks for the shout outs from Baconsale! If you love fun pop-culture this podcast is the one for you! Jacob, Joel, and Kent talk all things from Pumpkin spice to Disney hero show downs. They are fun and family friendly so if you are looking for a new podcast to check out we highly recommend this one!

Click here to see the Baconsale episode 231 (1 hour 40 min episode) deciding a champion in an ultimate robot showdown.

Click here to see the Baconbit (30 minutes minisode) featuring a fun review of Frozen 2 and A beautiful day in the Neighborhood.

The Riverton Journal

We were so excited to be contacted by Linnea who offered to share a bit of our journey with the public! If you are looking to read about the history of Black Market Trading Company then look no further! We love to be a part of a community where trying new things is the norm!

Click here to read the full article and learn about some other great people making some great products here in Utah!