"...a truly fun culinary experience"

Delicious, inventive and fascinating flavors. If you are looking for a truly fun culinary experience you need to try their products, you will love the flavors they have produced.

- Kathy W.

"...the perfect balance"

2 million tastebuds agree! Free range fudge is delicious! The classic hot fudge is the perfect balance of chocolate and spicy!

- Jennifer D.

"...everyone kept adding hot fudge to their ice cream"

Absolutely delicious fudge! I have never had anything like it. Texture and taste out of this world. Had a big family party and everyone kept adding the hot fudge to their ice cream. Completely speechless how this was created and the amount of happiness it brings to food and desserts! Well done guys.

-Zachary P.

"...A fun twist on the traditional sweet chocolate."

I tried the extra spicy fudge, and it was delicious! It is a fun twist on the traditional sweet chocolate. The intense dry heat combined with the smooth texture only found in fudge was divine! I will definitely be trying to make a chicken mole with it!

-Jeremy P.​

"This fudge is mouth-watering"

SO GOOD! This fudge is mouth-watering. Once I start eating it’s hard to stop. I recommend pairing it with animal crackers!

- Emily L.​

"...perfect amount of not sweet to take my ice cream to the next level."

The Black Market Trading Company is no fudging joke! I’m a big fan of spicy, and of course I love fudge, so, I knew I had to get some. I was NOT disappointed. It’s perfect! The flavors of the fudge play together so well, and it’s the perfect amount of not sweet to take my ice cream to the next level. 

-Thomas S.​

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