Spicy Hot Fudge Sundae fit for any occasion

Black Market Trading Company presents:

Spicy Hot Fudge Sundae

If you are looking to spice up your relationship with a classic hot fudge sundae look no further than our own Spicy Hot Fudge Sundae. This spicy and sweet treat can be enjoyed during any season. For decades hot fudge sundaes have brought people together to share in the delightful challenge of a usually too big ice cream.  From our kitchen to yours we hope you enjoy!


Your Favorite Ice-Cream
Free Range Fudge
Whipped Cream
Chopped Peanuts
Cookie or Waffer



  1. Begin heating your favorite “Free Range Fudge”. 
  2. After take the warmed hot fudge and put a scoop or two in the bottom of your glass.(we won’t tell anybody about the third or fourth scoop either)
  3. Next you will add you icecream of choice. 2 Scoops will be a good start. 
  4. After the ice cream is in your cup go ahead a drizzle some more of that sweet and spicy Free Range Fudge on top of the icecream.
  5. Add the chopped nuts, chocolate chips, or some crumbled cookies into your Spicy Hot Fudge Sundae. 
  6. After you have added your toppings of choice, it’s time to get generous with the whipped cream. Swirl yourself up a little mountain of whipped cream.
  7. After that put a whole cookie or waffer in the whipped cream.
  8. Finish it off with a cherry on top and enjoy your beautiful creation