The History of Spicy Chocolate

If there is one thing that most people in the world can agree on, it is the power good tasting chocolate. But where did this heavenly food come from?

Spicy chocolate has an extensive history that dates back to 1900 B.C Mexico. Chocolate was extracted from cacao plants and used as a hot drink. Cacao plants are found deep within the rainforests of Central America. Often water, vanilla, honey, and chili peppers were brewed together to make a spicy chocolate drink. This mixture is very similar to the process that our spicy chocolate goes through.

 Ancient civilizations loved their spicy chocolate drink so much they believed that it possessed spiritual qualities. The Mayans were one of the ancient civilizations that worshiped spicy chocolate. They thought that spicy chocolate was so powerful that they even regularly worshiped their cacao god. The Aztec’s were another ancient civilization that coexisted with the Mayans. The Aztecs began to love cacao beans just as much as the Mayans but because of the area they lived they could not grow it themselves. Instead they began trading with the Mayans in order to have a large supply of spicy chocolate drink. The Mayan emperor loved the chocolate drink so much that it is said he drank three gallons a day. The Aztec emperor was set on increasing his libido with the infamous spicy chocolate drink. 

Here at the Black Market Trading Company we believe our spicy chocolate possesses special qualities too. Like these ancient civilizations, our spicy chocolate is a blast to the taste buds, an aphrodisiac, and can even make your day. The Black Market Trading Company is all about taking ancient traditions and creating modern day spicy chocolate creations. I think we are all in debt to ancient civilizations who paved the way for the worlds most beloved treat.