As a family business, we take great care in creating each batch of our chili pepper infused fudge. We handcraft each small batch with care to ensure that you get the highest quality in each spoonful.

We love chili peppers—we grow 12 different varieties in our garden! We then use our own unique blend of these peppers to infuse our spicy chocolate sauce with just the right balance of heat and flavor.

chili pepper plants

We also know that all chocolate is not created equal, so we use only our favorite dutched cocoa powder in our fudge. Dutched cocoa powder is less acidic than regular cocoa powder, so it has a richer, more “chocolatey” flavor.

When we combine our peppers and cocoa with rich cream and other quality ingredients, you get a taste sensation that starts sweet and builds to a spicy kick. Our original hot fudge sauce has enough heat to make your mouth tingle without setting it on fire. (Want more heat? Try our extra spicy variety—if you dare.)

Also, our chili pepper infused fudge leaves out the ingredients you don’t want—soy, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, trans fats, and gluten—so you can indulge without worry.

cocoa powder and peppers

Whether you pour it on ice cream, add it to a recipe, or eat it straight from the jar, our chili pepper infused Free Range Fudge will spice up your life. Get a jar for yourself and another for a friend. They’ll thank you for it!

Try all four mouth-tingling varieties: original dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peppermint, and extra spicy.