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Rick Black is the owner of Black Market Trading Company© and has infused the company with his humor. He and his lovely wife Jill are the parents of two beautiful women, Kalen and Marli. Spending quality time with the family has always come naturally to Rick, and so when the opportunity arose for them to build something together, he took it! Apart from making confectionery concoctions, Rick and his family enjoy hiking and partaking of the beautiful nature near their Utah home.  

chili pepper infused chocolate ready to be made into spicy chocolate hot fudge sauce.



Chili pepper and chocolate is an unexpected combination, but the results are amazing. We happened upon this discovery in our very own kitchen. As a family, we were already in love with imported dutched chocolate. We also have a garden of a variety of peppers. Curious about the effects of mixing these forces of sweet and spicy, we took a chance and Free Range Fudge was born! We were so happy with our fudge, that we knew we had to share it with the world. Since starting Black Market Trading Company© in 2010 and sharing Free Range Fudge with our community, we are now excited to introduce this delicious discovery to the internet. In addition to Original Free Range Fudge, we also have Peppermint, Extra Spicy, and Milk Chocolate. We will soon be adding some limited time Holiday flavors as well! We even have a snack line coming soon, introducing such delicacies as “Pecante,” our Free Range Fudge-covered pecan clusters. We have so many ideas in the works, stay tuned for more tasty treats!